Contra-Mestre Igor


I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I graduated in Physical Education Major at the University Gama Filho in 2005.I started very young with Capoeira, I got involved through friends from school andI still keep practicing and teaching until this day. My first experience outside Brazil was in 2001 when I traveled to Paraguay to start a new group. I had the opportunity to teach to people of all ages, and learned a lot about education and living abroad.Since 2006 I am living in Amsterdam (Netherlands), where I have my own Capoeira school and together with other friends we started our own international group, Grupo de Capoeira Malungos. Through our group I spend a lot of time teaching and expanding my knowlegde about the art-fight of Capoeira in different countries inside and outside of Europe.

Instrutora Lua

Instrutor Mario