23th–25th September 2022

Annual Capoeira meeting organized by CM Igor and students. A cultural event with workshops of Capoeira, African dance, Makulele, and parties with Samba, Forró and the best of Afro Brazilian culture.


Mestre Dino (Malungos Copenhagen)
Mestre Emerson (Senzala Brasília)
CM Jiló (Malungos Copenhagen)
CM Trilho (Senzala Lyon)
CM Anum (Instinto Capoeira Holland)
CM Dollar (Malungos St-Etienne)
CM Lisette (Semente Haarlem)
Prof. Abacaxi (Senzala Montpellier)


Thursday 22/09 @ (Bredeschool) Borgerstraat 109
19:30 Registrations
20:00-22:00 Opening roda

Friday 23/09 @ (Bredeschool) Borgerstraat 109
17:30 Registrations 
18:00-21:00 Workshop Batizado & troca de cordas + rodas.

Saturday 24/09 @ (Het Marnix) Marnixplein 1
12:00-18:00 Capoeira, Makulele, workshops, kids Batizado and many rodas all levels so you can play as much you like.

Sunday 25/09 @ (Het Marnix) Marnixplein 1
12:00-17:00 Yoga class (warm-up), Capoeira workshops, rodas again